Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Time's A'Comin! - THE TREES!!

First came the Gingerbread Tree in the kitchen. It was easy because when I put it away last year, I put it away like a "kit" so I just got out my "kit" and voila, a gingerbread tree!

This is a cute little fiber-optic gingerbread house I found a couple of years ago that I thought Paige would like - good excuse to buy, huh? It sits underneath the gingerbread tree every year on a table that belonged to my favorite uncle. This table and a December 7, 1941 Birmingham (AL) News newspaper with headlines about the Pearl Harbor bombing are the two belongings of his I inherited so this table reminds me of him every Christmas. He was quite a character and this table looks like he just glued two tables together, one on top of the other. When I got them, they were painted pink! ha!

Next up was the Auburn tree which I would put in my husband's office every year for him until he retired so it's now in our bedroom. Even though Auburn had a tough year this year and last year, we still love dear old Auburn so much. I usually try to find a new ornament each year for this tree but haven't shopped for that yet this year. WAR EAGLE!!

Here's a close-up of one of the Auburn ornaments, a cute little birdhouse in dear old orange and blue.

This is the main tree which took a while to get situated. We moved it around quite a bit but finally decided to put it between the foyer and the dining room so the train could go around the tree and be visible from all angles. I have discovered that photographing a Christmas tree is not an easy task. I read up on it but it was an old article describing how to do it with film and really didn't take the time to research photographing a tree with a digital camera so just said "to heck with it" and took a photo! This year we have a Beanie Baby tree for Paige. Remember those? We had a Beanie Baby tree for our girls when they were at home one year during that craze and they loved it. Just colored lights and Beanie Babies and that's it. Paige likes it and especially the ones with "Mommy and Baby"

Then I finally got up a cute little pink and white tree in Paige's playroom. This is a close-up of the classic Pooh. I just love the classic Pooh characters and had some of them to put on this tree along with a lot of pink, white and black Beanie Babies.

And here is the tree with a pink tulle "tutu" tree skirt! ha! I could not photograph the entire room because we had a little visitor, a mouse, that the cat brought into her room and we have just recently captured him. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?!?
Hope you have enjoyed my "tour of our trees"!


APA said...

I did enjoy the tour of trees!

They're all so beautiful, so much FUN and I like the special thought and touches that have gone into them, especially the Auburn & Beanie Baby trees.

It tickled me when you mentioned the Gingerbread Tree went into storage last year as a kit. That reminded me of an older co-worker, a bachelor after many years. He had a tree that when the season was over, he simply placed it up in the attic, decorations and all! Too funny!

Enjoy the beauty of your most festive home, ready, set for the holidays!

Arlene said...

Cute, cute, cute!
Glad you're back at bloggin'.
I just love the snow pics. Miss Paige is such a cutie.

audreypawdrey said...

My favorite is the Auburn tree, obviously..:). I love all of your trees! It is so neat to have such a variety and one for every room. One day, I might do the same. Merry Christmas!

MamaB said...

Glad you are back. Your trees are so pretty no wonder you have not been blogging. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Love the snow with Miss Paige.

Kat said... have so many Christmas trees!...they look great!...I am going to try to get my christmas tree pic up soon. Mine does not look quite as good as all of yours:)

P.S. YES...this is addictive. I feel like i am almost obsessed.