Friday, December 26, 2008

Our 37th Anniversary

Today is our 37th wedding anniversary and we celebrated by going out to eat and to a movie. We went to see Marley and Me and it just made me want to come home and love, love, love my little doggie, Farley. I wanted to post a photo of him, too. He is a sweet little dog. My husband and I just couldn't wait to get home to him tonight after seeing the movie :)


APA said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary! 37 years is a beautiful testament of love, commitment and faith. So good, so wonderful. That you enjoyed the day to come home for some lovin' on your little Farley (who is pretty darn cute!) is the sweet bliss of togetherness. Know many, many more such moments!

Kat said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

LeAnne said...

Happy anniversary!! I am looking forward to checking out your new blogs. I'm impressed - 3 blogs!!! (and facebook and sewing...your an inspiration!!:))