Monday, December 15, 2008

Making Our Own Snow!!

OK, this grandmother had a great idea for a "photo shoot" for a Christmas card.

We've got the cute little girl, the cute little Christmas coat, the cute little silver star basket and some "fake" snow. Good, right?

Now, let's take some snow and sprinkle it above your head and let it fall down while you're looking up and we'll title this card "Scatter Joy"!

Oh, heck, let's just dump the entire basket. That's a lot more fun!

But look what cute pictures we got and what fun we had and what great memories! We made our own snow on a cold, rainy day and had a great time!


audreypawdrey said...

Those are adorable pictures! I love that you made your own snow. We have plenty here, would you like some?:)

APA said...

A very "cool" idea for a Christmas card. The photos are too cute, so sweet, each and every one. I would have a hard time choosing just one!

Kat said...

Love these pictures....and can't wait to see the Christmas card pic:)

bearbear said...

Well, I chose a completely different pic for the Christmas card! ha!