Monday, March 2, 2009

Scrap Therapy Continued

This is a photo of my scrap therapy session. The first 45 min. or so was a sales pitch, I thought, but we finally started cutting and the teacher was very patient and very good. It seems that I won the prize for beginner. But I did learn so much and cut more when I got home. We cut 5, 3 1/2, 2, and 1 1/2 inch squares. We even got a button to wear! ha! There is a website, too, if you interested you can check this out. I am so excited that I am going to create those little charm packs of my own that I love so much! This should be a lesson in putting colors together and a lot of fun.

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APA said...

Looks like you are well underway to scraps becoming squares, color coordinated all the way. Thanks! I've definitely picked up a thing or two to do a little more with my scraps.