Thursday, March 12, 2009

The "Secret" Project

I've decided to go ahead and post pics of my "secret" project. I mailed these little flannel 36" x 36" baby receiving blankets to a friend of my daughter for her twin boys born on February 2 of this year. They live in Ft. Meyers, FL, and I mailed the package at least a week ago so I'm thinking surely they've received it.

I tore the flannel to the size I wanted, then hemstitched the edges, crocheted them, and appliqued the little frogs. I just love the little frogs with prince crowns on their heads!

On a earlier post I did another set of twin blankets like this but with giraffes. See December 3rd post.

I have another blanket finished except for the applique which I hope to do soon and I will post. It is off white flannel with off white hemstitching and crocheting and bright pink random polka dots on the flannel so I am going to applique a bright pink ladybug in the corner. Can't wait to finish it and I'll post.


Reagan said...

Thank you so much! We
LOVE them! They arrived yesturday and it was a perfect suprise because I was sick and needed some cheering up. They are adorable and I love how long they are. So many receiving blankets are tiny. Thank you for thinking about our boys! You are the best!
p.s. did you cancel you facebook account?

audreypawdrey said...

These are beautiful! I love the little crocheted edge and the frogs are perfect. Very cute!

APA said...

What sweet, sweet receiving blankets. I, too, love the little crowns on the frogs. Adorable! I just love these baby gifts you make of your hands and give. Precious, to be treasured.

And thank you in regards to the presser foot. I think you're talking about an edging foot? If so, I can't believe I have to admit I have one and have never used it. BLAH! I'll look forward to your picture so I can see if I do understand.

Again, thanks and I totally understand about FB...the recent security issues as well as the time wasted. I've caught myself there too much. But, with the "novelty" worn off, I'll use it simply to stay light and easy with friends and family who enjoy the social platform.

Ana :)

MamaB said...

Love this, I did one with beige around the edge, did not like it. Yours looks so much better.

bearbear said...

For Reagan: You're welcome. I'm glad you liked them. And, yes, I did close down my FB account (plus one of my blogs - the littleneckofhtewoods one - it was just taking up too much time (Time AWAY from my sewing! ha!)

For MamaB - I think the white and beige together make things look antique-ish. Some people use tea or coffee to get that look on crocheting or lace on baby things (or even the fabric!). How did your eye surgery go?

Elyse said...

I sure hope (no offense) I don't have a 9 lb. baby. We'll see, though. Brian was 6-something. I was 7'11 so hopefully I'll be lucky enough to stay between our birth weights. Well, the blog is new and so is the announcement of being pregnant. I thought I'd send you a comment to one of your blogs so you'd know. We just told the rest of our family last weekend so now our friends can know. We're so excited! I actually made the baby's bedding and the quilt that is on the glider on the photos of the room. I will say that I don't plan on making a bumper pad for anyone's children in the near future. It was a bit cumbersome but I'm glad I did it for my child.