Saturday, April 4, 2009

Baby Things and More!

Finally, some projects to post! These baby blankets take a while to hemstitch and then crochet the edging and I appliqued the cute little animals last. Here is one blanket that could be used for boy or girl.

And one for a sweet little girl. These are 100% very soft cotton flannel with 100% cotton crochet thread. Notice the little pink one has a more frilly edge crocheted.

I see Farley's little back leg in the upper left-hand corner! ha!

These would be a wonderful set for twins, a boy and a girl!! I've got this thing for making blankets for twins, I guess. I've given two sets lately and this could be another set.

And another burp cloth from the colored diapers you can buy nowadays. I love the lime green with the hot pink. I've cheated a little for the photo. You can probably tell I really haven't sewn the ribbon on yet but just laid it across for the photo. But the ribbon reminds me so much of the children's book that is so popular now, The Very Hungry Caterpillar:)

And, finally, I did this little ladybug Tshirt in mind for my little great niece. It's kind of a pending thing:) I plan to make a little pair of pink capris to go with this Tshirt but I'm waiting on measurements.

I have another baby blanket with this same ladybug appliqued on it but could not get a good photo of it. Next time!

Hope you enjoyed my post. It's been a long time coming! I enjoyed doing all this work so much:) NOTE: Please click on the photos for a closer look at details.


APA said...

Absolutely adorable! You could easily market these through a specialty children's store. So sweet. The applique work is fantastic and the crotcheted edge gives it your special touch. That lime green IS rockin'! I, too, like it with the hot pink, very much, Yummy, yummy, yummy! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Cheryl said...

I love all of it! You have some real talent, you know. :-) If you don't have babies in mind, you could absolutely sell those on Etsy!

Emily said...

hmmm... maybe you should start a business?

Elyse said...

Mary's baby is due May 17. She's having a boy, too! Crazy! Also, the baby daygown is similar to the one you made. I think I found the pattern you did when I was at the Smocking Bird yesterday, though. It has the smocking in the middle only with buttons in the back. I thought the one I made looked more boy-ish. However, I still have the one you made for Rebecca and I'm going to put it on my boy anyway. I love it! I'll post a photo when he's here and is able to wear it. Also, where did you get the colored burp cloths? I LOVE those! I love your thick applique designs also. So, so cute! I've got sewing fever now and am apparently overwhelming myself with things to make. I spent a good chunk of change yesterday at The Smocking Bird. They just have SO much to choose from! I've got to make a stack of things to make now. We'll see how that goes...I've also got to decide whether to cut them all out at once (I despise cutting out) or do one at a time. We'll see.

audreypawdrey said...

These are so cute! I love the appliques and the crocheted edge. I agree with APA and think that you could definitely sell these.