Friday, April 10, 2009

Poor Little Wabbitt:(

Boo boos do happen! My niece wanted a just a plain little Tshirt with a rabbit on it to wear on Easter to hunt eggs in and I had a few Tshirts on hand in her size. The one above is what I started with and we were having tornado-type storms here. I was sewing away and looked up for ONE SECOND to look at the weather map on TV and bam - a boo boo! The needle caught the Tshirt at the bottom where you see that little bump and I had to stop the process, take the sewing needle and presser foot off and untangle the mess. Then I went to the computer and tried to back my stitching up and it started sewing and was way off base. So. . .

This was what the poor little wabbit was supposed to look like. I didn't have another hot pink shirt in the right size but found a white one and did a baby pink rabbit. It's cute and sweet and the model wearing it is only two so the baby pink (to me) is so sweet. I can't wait to see a picture of her wearing this. Her mother is coming tomorrow to pick it up.

Remember this burp cloth in an earlier post? It's official now (meaning the ribbon is really sewn on!) and it's out the door, too, with my niece tomorrow headed for a baby shower. I just love the hungry caterpillar-look ribbon trim. Goodbye all.


APA said...

WOW! It happened that fast? How good you had another shirt, another little bunny. And I like the pink pastel bunny for a 2 year old, too! Super sweet.

audreypawdrey said...

the bunnies are so cute! I hate that one of your shirts got messed up though.:( The burp cloth is also adorable-love the polka dot ribbon border.