Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Adorable Little Creatures

These are some adorable little creatures I have on a disc and can applique with my fairly new sewing machine. At first I was so scared to try doing this kind of thing because I thought I was incapable. But I just kept plugging along trying to sync my sewing machine with this thing called a computer and figured it out at least this far! LOL There are 20 little creatures on the disc and I stitched the ones above just for practice and to watch what order they stitch and make notes. Then one day I was at my sewing shop and a CUSTOMER, not the owners, told me there was a feature in my software called Slow Redraw and it's wonderful. Now I can just pull up the design on the computer and click on Slow Redraw and watch it stitch on the computer and make notes. This works especially well if the designs don't have a text you can print with directions. For these practice pieces, I've decided to save them and go ahead and applique the others on white and make a little quilt with them. I used as few colors on each one as possible so I wouldn't have to keep changing the thread so they do look kind of monotone. The possibilities with using these designs are just endless. Look below for individual photos of each design.

I love the little cat and so does my granddaughter. I already have plans for my first use of this design. I have hemstitched a bright pink and white polka dot flannel blanket and am crocheting a white edging around it now. There are four rows of edging and I'm on the last row. Then I'll applique little kitty in the corner in bright pink and the blanket will be done. I was going to save it for a baby gift but my granddaughter watches me work on it and says, "that's mine!" ha! You know who will get it, don't you?

Mr. Bunny will probably have to wait until Spring and Easter although he would work well any time of the year for some sort of baby gift or children's clothing.

This little fellow I've seen on a burp cloth and it is so adorable. I'd love to do one of those. It's quite a large burp cloth and it's hemstitched around the edges and then crocheted with bedspread-weight yarn just like the baby blankets.

This little octopus is definitely headed for a hooded towel or just a towel or bath mitt or something for the bath.

And, lastly, this cute little zebra has lots of possibilities! I just love them all. I love whimsical things and tiny things and baby things.

After I got comfortable doing the applique, I used this little giraffe on two flannel receiving blankets with the hemstitching and crocheted edging. They looked just like the little fellow above and traveled to Jackson, MS, to twin boys, the first and only great grandchildren of an angel of a lady in my church. I took photos of the blankets but don't have them to publish here (yet - see note below!). This was my practice piece which I did on the white flannel instead of the white broadcloth as all the other designs above, and, not wanting to "waste" anything, I decided to make a bib with this practice piece. I squeezed the biggest bib I could out of it and crocheted around it. If I made it fasten as it is, it would probably only fit a doll or teddy bear's neck so I'm looking for ideas so that a baby could use it. Or it could go on a doll or teddy bear! Some people have suggested ribbon and I may do that. I could put little buttonholes on the two ends and run the ribbon through knot it on the front and the other end and it could be tied at the back. Any ideas from anyone?
I hope you have enjoyed meeting my little creatures and there will be more to come as I use them in projects. Ideas are churning around in my head.
***NOTE: Lately I have had a terrible time with losing things. One day about a month ago, my husband and I were in my vehicle going somewhere and I had my camera card with me and had used it (out of the camera). I was trying to put it back in the camera and dropped it between the console and the passenger seat in the front of the vehicle. I SAW it drop! This was a 2 GB card. There's no guessing as to how many photos were on that card! We have done everything trying to retrieve (or even see) that card. We have even put a new bag in our vacuum cleaner and vacuumed that area and all around and then tore the bag open and - no card! We have looked and looked and looked. I am tempted to go to my dealership and ask them to take the seat OUT to see if we can retrieve that card. I hate to lose all those photos!


audreypawdrey said...

These are so cute! What are you going to make from all these cute litte critters?

APA said...

Oh my goodness. These are the most adorable little animals ever. They will embellish ANY child's item (or adult, for that matter!) in magnificent ways. How fun for you and the wonder of so many things to learn!