Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Portrait of a Kitten

This is a painting I did a few tears ago of one of our cats, Rudi. He really belongs to our youngest daughter but lives with us. She got him when she was in nursing school at Auburn and "nursed" him to life. He was abandoned by his mother and the vet guessed that he was about 5 days old when she got him. She bottle fed him and did other things to become his mother. This painting is done in pastels and was worked from a photograph I took of him when he was tiny, tiny, tiny. I think he is approximately 8 years old now. He did bite and scratch one of my sisters on a visit here about a year or two ago so he ended up in "jail" for 10 days at the vet's office. His personality has changed somewhat since he's been to jail! Our vet told us that a kitten that has a history like his and never had a mother cat to raise him could never be "dominated" and would always think he was not a cat, but a human, on the same "level" with us. But, really, if you think about it, have you ever known a cat that could be "dominated"?!? ha!

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audreypawdrey said...

This is beautiful! I love the story behind it, too. Our cat, freebie, was always on the same level as my brother and I. Only my mom was above her!:)