Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Cookies

These are turkey cookies that my granddaughter and her mommy made for Thanksgiving today. Aren't they cute?

The turkey's head, is a chocolate-covered almond. His eyes and nose are made from a tube of white cake icing. Arrange the Oreo cookies as seen and the feathers are jelly beans. The one above was made by Paige along with three others "all by me-self"!

TA-DA! A masterpiece for Thanksgiving!


APA said...

Adorable! And what a clever idea for a turkey cookie. Now, I try to avoid too many desserts, but I happen to really like oreos. They are probably my cookie of choice. I would "gobble" one of these down in a second, especially one made by your sweet granddaughter. Too cute!

Hope it was a wonderful day! :) Ana

jipsy said...

Those are cute! Where did Emily find that idea?