Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm such a doting grandmother that I have to share another Paige-ism. Yesterday we saw Santa Claus on a whim - didn't plan it at all. He was just at this shopping center where we were and we went in to see him. He gave Paige a gold jingle bell necklace on a gold cord and a "Twas the Night Before Christmas" coloring book. So when we got home at lunchtime, I put her in her little booster chair to buckle in to eat and told her she could color in the coloring book that Santa gave her while I made her lunch. I gave her instructions NOT to color or mark on the countertops, only in the book. We've been through this many times and she always marks on the countertops at least a little (tee hee) but I really don't worry about it because we still have formica countertops and have never switched to the new granite tops and don't know much about cleaning the granite, etc. I was busy making her lunch and she was busy coloring. All of a sudden, I heard her say "Ta Da"! I looked over and she had created a really, really, big piece of art in blue and purple on the white countertop. At least the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser did its magic! I love it - a proud little budding artist - but don't want it on my walls or furniture! ha!

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