Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Paige-ism

I hope I get this one right as far as the details go because this one her mommy told me over the phone. But if I don't, the basic premise is right. Mommy said that she was at home with Paige on an off-day. Mommy is a nurse and Daddy is a cattle farmer. Paige got two tutus for Christmas. She put on her tutu and her boots (I think). She has some cute little green frog boots. I don't think she put on any other clothing. Then she said, "OK mommy, I'm ready to go to work. I'm ready to feed the cows". ha! Can't you see her feeding the cows in a tutu and green frog boots?!?

1 comment:

APA said...

I say we take a walk to work with Paige in her adorable tutu & green frog boots. Aren't children the greatest inspiration for living life carefree and real?!

P.S., And thanks so much for the link to your sister's blog. It's bookmarked under my favorite food blogs and right off the bat, the meatballs with tomato mint dip & barley pilaf sound delicious, something I would definitely prepare as a side and/or main dish. I love blogland!