Thursday, January 8, 2009


Do any of you buy yourself something when you're Christmas shopping? I seem to do that every year and this Quilts calendar is the item I bought myself this year. I needed a new calendar and when I was looking in BAM, I came across this one that has instructions and patterns for 13 quilts so I thought it was quite a bargain. Well, guess what? My oldest, Erin, also gave me this same calendar as one of my Christmas gifts from her! I see all these bloggers having "giveaways" so I thought that's what I would do with my extra calendar. This is how it works for all you quilt lovers out there. I will list the name of each of the 13 quilts and if you can guess which is my favorite, the calendar is yours! If there's a tie, I will just draw names. How about that? So here is the list of the 13 quilt instructions and patterns:
1. Frosty Friends Quilt
2. Solar Twist Quilt
3. Bloomin Hearts Quilt
4. A Path Less Traveled Quilt
5. Floral Fiesta Quilt
6. Butterfly Garden Quilt
7. I Spy Hearts Quilt
8. Scrappy Nine Patch Quilt
9. Sunflowers of Provence Quilt
10. I Spy Squares Quilt
11. Tahoe Retreat Quilt
12. Harlequin Carnival Quilt
13. Holiday House Wall Quilt



audreypawdrey said...

Solar Twist Quilt is my guess, but I really have no idea! HINTS?

APA said...

I have absolutely no idea so I''m just gonna take a stab at it...

A Path Less Traveled Quilt

MamaB said...

I pick Bloomin Hearts Quilt, but not sure.

audreypawdrey said...

If we get second guesses, than I am going for the scrappy one because I do love a scrappy quilt!

jipsy said...


APA said...

OK. Here's my second guess...

Sunflowers of Provence

audreypawdrey said...

I spy Hearts Quilt?

Love from Bulverde, Robin said...

I'd love to have this calendar. I didn't get one for Christmas for the first time in years.

My three guesses are Sunflowers of Provence, Floral Fiesta, and Harlequin Carnival.

MamaB said...

OK, here are my last 2. Since these are the only 2 that have not been guessed.

#6 Butterfly Garden
#11 Tahoe Retreat