Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Better Photos, Better Explanation

I had a beautiful day of sunshine today and was able to photograph outside without freezing to death! I think these photos are much better. This is the cute vintage-style pattern.

This is the fabric I'm using to make the dress for a little girl who lives near Chicago.
I love the kitties!

Here's the fabric with the little snails that I want to do for Paige and I've begun to cut it out with the rotary cutter!

I hope these two photos show how you cut out a child's dress with the rotary cutter. It's really different. You fold the fabric and use a quilter's ruler to angle the fold on the right side. Then you use the pattern at the top to just cut off the un-needed fabric and also there's a little pattern piece to cut off un-needed fabric at the bottom (not shown) to curve the bottom of the skirt. So instead of placing a tissue pattern on top of a fold of fabric, you just have one pattern piece to use and cut away unwanted fabric to shape your front and back. I hope I have explained this so you understand.

Here is the front of the dress done the same way. The other pattern pieces for the top and bottom trim I'll do with the chocolate brown solid cotton and will just be cut out as you would a regular pattern.


audreypawdrey said...

ummm....I think I get it. Why is it easier than a tissue pattern, though?

bearbear said...

Because you have less cutting with a pattern piece. Most of the cutting is done quicker with a quilter's ruler and rotary cutter.