Monday, January 12, 2009

Thinking About Spring Sewing

Isn't this the cutest little dress pattern for spring and summer? I ordered it from that *darn* kat on Etsy and have already chosen fabrics to sew up two dresses.

It's late and I tried my best to get a close-up of the fabric on this one because the little snails are SO cute! This will be the main body of the dress and the top and bottom trims will be in a chocolate brown.

Here are the two fabrics together but as I said, it's late, and I didn't get a very good shot of them but I have started cutting it out. It's cut out with a rotary cutter. I've never cut a little girl's dress with a rotary cutter but I like it. It's different. I'll keep you posted on the progress although I'm trying to plan a SECRET 60th birthday party for my hubby this weekend and will probably not get to the sewing machine until that is done! I'll post a photo of the fabric for the second dress I'm making from this pattern tomorrow. I'm making it as a gift for a little girl who lives close to Chicago.
(I'm sorry but I think these are the worst photos I've ever taken! ha!)


APA said...

Adorable! The fabric, too. Cutting with a rotary cutter? I freak doing freestyle aprons like that. I'd really freak doing a dress piece! :)

audreypawdrey said...

That is such a cute pattern! I can't imagine using a rotary cutter though. That is a little scary!

audreypawdrey said...

I can not post on your Source of Wonder blog. When I get to the area to leave a comment, it is a different format than this and the word identification letters never show up.

Anyway, I love your pictures, and you are doing so wonderful! They are so whimsical and the picture of the photographer shows a great use of positive and negative spaces.

Prissy said...

Cute, cute, cute!
I love the snails.
I used the rotary cutter to cut felt strips to make a rug. It was something that didn't have to be precise....because sometimes I get to going too fast and uh-oh
Good luck on the surprise party...he doesn't get on the computer to look at your blog?

bearbear said...

Audrey, I left a comment on audreypawdrey about the way to comment on asourceofwonder.

Prissy, I'm 99% sure he doesn't look at my blogs. He just not into that (or me! ha!) right now. He's just into golf!

Everyone - all are freaking about the rotary cutter and I did, too, at first. When I will take the time, I'll try to demonstrate with the camera how it's done. It's really neat!